We are such stuff as dreams are made on

Wednesday 08 March 2023

All of our year 8 students visited the Globe Theatre on the 6th March, to watch a live performance of ‘The Tempest’ which they have been studying in English this term. Pupils took the tube from High Barnet to waterloo and enjoyed a sightseeing walk along the Southbank to the Globe theatre, spotting the Tate Modern, St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye and the National Theatre along the way.

Pupils were excited to travel into central London and experience the world of Shakespeare come alive in the open- air theatre. There were many other schools at the performance, it was very busy! Pupils were impressed with the music and characters, especially Ariel and how the actors brought the character to the stage so effectively.

Luckily, we were glad to have sheltered seats and escaped the rain which came down during the show (the shows go on in ‘thunder, lightning or in rain!’)

Thank you to our year 8 pupils for a great trip and to the staff who came and made it possible!

We look forward to taking year 9 at the end of the month!

Miss O’Sullivan, Teacher of English