English and French Spelling Bee 2022

Thursday 24 November 2022

In a torrent of clashing consonants, vicious vowel combinations and heinous hidden letters, students at Ark Pioneer proved the pen truly is mightier than the sword at the Annual English and French Spelling Bee. Teams from our four-year groups battled it out, spelling ever more complex and convoluted words in both English and French until the winning teams were announced as David from 7 Angelou, Eliza and Christopher from 8 Singh, Ella and Livia from 9 Hawking and Adrian from 10 Johnson.

Each year group winner then went head-to-head to name Ark Pioneer’s ultimate spelling champion. The fight very quickly became a two-horse race between Y7’s and Y10’s solo entrants – recalling another epic battle between a different David and his formidable opponent. And in much the same way, it was Y7’s David that took the title and was crowned Ark Pioneer’s Spelling Champion 2022.

Congratulations to everyone that participated.

Ms Dias, French Teacher