British Biology Challenge

Monday 20 June 2022

Back in May a group of year 9 pupils completed the British Biology Challenge. This is a challenge run by UKBC who are a registered charity that work closely with the Royal Society of Biology. The challenge is the first in a series of competitions culminating in the British Biology Olympiad which is open to students studying A Level Biology at the age of 17-18.

This is the first time pupils at Ark Pioneer have been able to complete the challenge due to age restrictions as it is aimed at pupils in years 9 & 10.

The challenge is designed to stimulate pupils’ curiosity for the natural world and has encouraged many of our pupils to take an interest in biology outside of school whether that be through reading biology-based books, news articles, magazines or by watching nature documentaries. On top of this, all pupils that took part are eligible to a free year of BioNet membership, which provides them with electronic subscription to The Biologist magazine and e-newsletters featuring bioscience-related news and events.

Our pupils completed two online assessments which had questions on areas of the national curriculum as well as questions that encouraged pupils to apply their scientific knowledge and skills to unfamiliar scenarios- a real test for our keen biologists.

The science department at Ark Pioneer are immensely proud of all pupils that took part, we have some fantastic results and look forward to entering more year groups into the challenge next year.

Here are the certificate and commendation awards:

Bronze Certificate and Best in School Award - congratulations to:


Bronze Certificate - congratulations to:

Siham, Sohil, Thomas, Fabian

Highly Commended Award- congratulations to:

Henry, Jayden, Alaa, Matilda, Anthony, Avah, Amaan

Commended Award- congratulations to:

Samuel, Taran, Mason, Kalina, Luke, Arminas, Jake, Meerko, Maksim