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Poetry Competition

This term students were encouraged to enter Ark Pioneer’s Summer Writing Competition. They were required to write a poem of any length on any theme. The entries were judged by form tutors and some of the leadership team. We were astounded at the quality of the poems. Pupils had been very creative with their use of language and structure, with common themes of lockdown and the recent Black Lives Matter protests emerging. It was very difficult to narrow down the entries to a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place so we also shortlisted some notable entries which also impressed us but did not quite make the podium positions. All of these poems will be printed and kept in our library as inspiration for our future cohorts. Well done and thank you to everybody who contributed, especially Kendall for your winning poem. We are proud of you all and hope you continue writing creatively in your spare time.


Ms Chaggar, Head of English



1st Place

Kendall, 7 Cherry

I Can’t Breathe


I can’t breathe,

George Floyd told me,

Is it really hard to believe?

No justice, No peace,

Take a breath,

Take your knee of my neck,

How does it feel,

Now look at me,

I can’t breathe,


Look around, Open your eyes,

We are treated differently,

Is that really a surprise?

So think,

What did you not say,

Or what did you not do?


It doesn’t matter where you come from,

What you have or do not have,

We shouldn’t have to protest for justice,

We shouldn’t have to protest to get peace,

Everybody has rights,

Which we are led to believe,

But are they really the same?

For you and for me?

I also have a dream,

Like Martin Luther King also once said,

That we should be treated for who we are, not by our race,

But how long will it take,

And at what pace,

So take a breath,

For George Floyd I say,

And all the others that have lost their lives,

And should have been here today,

And in Martin Luther King words,

‘ We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.’

So take a breath,

Take your knee of my neck,

Let’s all breathe together.




2nd Place

Siham, 7Oak

All of Us


Through sickness

Through health

In the darkest of darks

The saddest of sads

When the curtains are drawn

And not even a glimpse of light seeps through

We’ll be there too

I’m waiting for you

When frowns turn to grins

And you’re happy from within

The process is long and hard

We will help

We’ll send more than a card

You’ve been through much

Although you haven’t said such

I know you don’t believe in luck

It’s hardly like finding something for a buck

Many go through grief, loss, mourning and depression

Just consider it as less of an oppression

Misery is not the way

Not a state of mind that should stay

At least you are surrounded by friends and family

That shall support you all the way

Others are left alone

Cast away

Left to forget their past life

With nowhere to stay


3rd Place

Henry, 7Elder

Lockdown Is


Lockdown is takeaways.

Eggs, bacon, cheese and toast

Crisps, Fanta, milkshakes and homemade cookies.


Lockdown is new schedules.

Video calls with friends and family,

Far and wide.


Lockdown is check-ups.

9 o’clock wake-ups;

Breakfast at 11, 12 and 1.


Lockdown is daily briefings.

NHS workers: day in, day out.

8 O’clock clapping.


Lockdown is key workers.

Number 11 checking on 17,

Making each other laugh.


Lockdown is a bag of emotions.

Smiles for miles, tears and fears.

Bonding. Fighting. Helping.


Lockdown is getting closer,

But staying far:

Sticking together but staying apart.


Lockdown is.

Notable entries

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