Reporting your child absent from school

This half term we are updating the way parents report a child’s absence from school. This follows feedback on our systems from parents/carers and our own reflection as staff. As before, we expect parents to contact the school before 7:45am if they are making the decision to keep their child at home.

All absences should now be reported to the school using the online Pupil Absence Form not via our phone line.

You can access the online form here

…or use the link to the form on the homepage of the Ark Pioneer Academy website.

The online form should be completed on each day of a child's absence.

The online form has several advantages over a phone-based system:

  • It immediately creates a written record of the absence
  • It requires less time for parents and school staff
  • It allows multiple people at the school to immediately see reported absences

We strongly request all parents use this improved system. We appreciate that the online form is a new approach for parents, and so we will continue to also check the school’s voicemail for reported absence this half term while we transition to the online form full time.

Parents are expected to communicate for each day of absence, even when absence occurs on consecutive days for the same reason. Parents may receive a follow up phone call from the attendance officer by 10am on the morning of absence. This is the case whether an absence form has been submitted or not. If we cannot contact parents regarding a child’s absence and a form has not been submitted, the child is considered to be missing and this may trigger a referral to external agencies so we can ensure the child/families safety.

Medical Appointments

We ask that medical and dentist appointments are booked outside of school hours, or close to the end of the day wherever possible, to minimise absence from lessons and learning.

You will need to provide the Administration team with appointment evidence to ensure your child is authorised to leave school. You can bring this into reception or email for more information.