Developing our pupils' values and their character

At Ark Pioneer, the curriculum extends beyond our academic programme to provide strong foundations for our pupils’ broader development. We believe our provision will enable every pupil to play a confident, informed role in society, interacting with other people in a positive way.

Our programme of values and character development includes

  • Supporting our pupils to develop their character, including their honesty, adaptability and their courage
  • Provision for teaching them how to keep physically and mentally healthy (see our RSE Policy for further information on the specifics of our Relationships and Sex Education programme)
  • Preparation for life beyond school by teaching them to be reflective and responsible pupils, family members and citizens
  • Developing their understanding of our values as a school, the fundamental British values and alongside this an understanding and appreciation of diversity 

How is our Values & Character Programme taught?

Every Ark Pioneer pupil will have four thirty-minute tutor sessions per week and one whole school assembly (up to 30 minutes long).

During the tutor sessions, pupils will learn the values and character curriculum programme, which encompasses

  • Understanding our values as a school and what they mean to us as a school community
  • Explaining the fundamental British values and their importance
  • Explicit teaching to build character traits
  • Awareness of national and global issues explored through current news items
  • Developing the key dispositions
  • A focus on pupil wellbeing and mentoring

Assembly, which is led by a member of the senior team/HOY will focus on drawing together each weeks overarching theme, alongside discussing important national and international issues in society e.g Black History Month and Safer Internet Day.

Values & Character Programme: Overview & Curriculum Map

Our Values

Our values define how we work together as a community in Ark Pioneer. They are a framework to guide our interactions and communications, to recognise and reinforce the behaviours we want to see in our community and to embed our ambitious vision.

Our values set out the way in which we approach our work as professionals in education. All our staff will understand the importance, relevance and impact of each value though our induction and training programme.

Our rewards system is based on these four values and as such they are embedded in everyday life at Ark Pioneer (for further details on this, please see the Ark Pioneer Behaviour Policy). We will also teach pupils explicitly about our values thorough assemblies and the tutor programme and our pillar days. They will set the bar for pupils as they grow into young adults, ready for life beyond school.