Inclusion at Ark Pioneer Academy

“Inclusion is about the presence, participation and achievement of all students.” (Ainscow, 2005)

Our vision encompasses the drive to provide all pupils, regardless of their background, to embark on the career or go to the university of their choice. At Ark Pioneer, we have designed our whole school offer to provide all pupils with the opportunity to achieve their full potential with the correct level of support. Find out more about our SEND provision by clicking the links below.

How do we support SEND pupils?

As part of our whole school offer at Ark Pioneer Academy, we provide different levels of support to ensure every child flourishes. 

The diagram below provides an outline of the different waves of support offered at Ark Pioneer, targeted at the four areas of SEND. Pupils’ needed are assessed during their secondary school transition and the correct wave of support is then identified. This is reviewed termly, following a graduated approach. More information on how the graduated approach works can be found in our SEND policy which you can find by cicking on the link below. Youj can also read more about the interventions and mentoring we put in place to support those who need it.