Why do we have a home visit & what does it entail?

The reason we conduct a home visit call before every pupil starts at Ark Pioneer is that we want to ensure have some time to get to know each pupil as an individual, to get to know their family and start to build our relationship with you. With that in mind our home visit includes lots of questions about you and your primary school experience.  

We also want to make sure every child has a really successful transition to secondary school and feels comfortable about their start at Ark Pioneer Academy. To make sure of this, we will tell you all about key aspects of our vision, our six pillars and school life.  

The home visit also includes time for each child and their family to ask us any questions that you have.  

Usually we would do these meetings in person but given the circumstances this year, we are conducting this year’s home visits by video call on MS Teams. 

How do we collect information about pupils?

We will ask lots of questions when we conduct the home visit or home visit video call.

Before this we need parents/carers to complete a Pupil Information Form which will inform the questions we ask on the home visit call and allow us to best prepare to support your child.  In this information, we gather information about: 

  • Pupil personal details 
  • Parent/carer details 
  • Emergency contacts 
  • Siblings & Previous schools attended 
  • Background information on your child, including medical information 
  • Pupil Premium application and consents

We will write to you with details once you have accepted a place at Ark Pioneer Academy.