Our timetabled Enrichment Programme

We are proud that enrichment is a core part of school life for every one of our pupils.

Pupils at Pioneer take part in two enrichment activities per week, built into our extended school day. We run a variety of enrichment sessions for our pupils including a variety of the arts, sports and academia. This gives every pupil the chance to develop interests and passions that will give them enjoyment throughout their lives.

Year 7 experience a range of activities through a carousel model for both sessions to expose them to new interests and challenge them. Year 8 have one enrichment on a carousel and one which they choose. Year 9 choose both, from a selection of creative and academic enrichments on

Enrichment Offer SPR

This Spring Term we've got lots of exciting enrichments on offer...

Year 7 - Spring Term Enrichment Offer

Thursday Rotation

Friday Rotation

1. Drama Games

1. Spanish

2. Creating Countries

2. Introduction to Criminology

3. Public Speaking

3. Debate

4. Classics

4. Science Applications

5. Spoken Word

5. Coding

6. Photography

6. Yoga

9. Choir

7. School Production

Year 8 - Spring Term Enrichment Offer

Thursday Choice

Friday Rotation

1. Shell ‘Big Ideas’

1. Photography

2. Theatre Design

2. Drama Games

3. Baking

3. Spoken Word

4. Ethics Debating

4. Global Affairs

5. Basketball

4. United Nations

6. Spanish

6. Coding

7. Dodgeball

7. School Production

8. Choir

Year 9 - Spring Term Enrichment Offer

Thursday Choice

Friday Choice

1. Shell ‘Big Ideas’

1. Baking

2. Theatre Design

2. Basketball

3. RE & Media

3. Dance

4. Pilates and Poetry

4. Theatre Set Production

5. Film Club

5. Board Games

6. Spanish

6. Table Tennis

7. Computer Science

7. Dodgeball

8. Choir

8. School Production

Ideas for enrichment at home

Physical activities

Daily physical activity is really important in order to help keep a healthy mind and body.

The first Netflex document includes shorter activities to keep active:

  • 5-8 minute brain breaks
  • superhero workouts
  • yoga for young people

Netflex Videos Document 1.pdf

The second Netflex document has more challenging length activities. These include

  • 20 minute workout
  • Pilates
  • Abs & core workouts

Netflex Videos Document 2.pdf

Other enrichment ideas & links: