At Ark Pioneer, we provide consistent, high quality training to every member of staff, whatever their role.

First and foremost, our school environment fosters excellence in teaching. Our teaching practice is developed through weekly collaborative planning, weekly coaching and whole school training programme, supplemented by annual training days and a comprehensive induction for new staff. Our mentoring and coaching programme concentrates on developing individual practice. We place high value on learning from each other through regular learning walks and observations and we have an ‘open-door’ policy for all lessons.

Secondly, all teachers are leaders at Ark Pioneer. Teachers are encouraged to think strategically and we listen to their ideas on where we can make improvements. Teachers have ownership of assessment data and use it to improve their teaching and the curriculum.

Thirdly, we are committed to developing everyone who takes on leadership positions within the school. We run leadership-focussed training sessions and offer one-to-one support. This involves joint monitoring activities, co-planning key aspects of each role and evaluating strategic planning. We also observe and provide feedback on delivery of training, on coaching / mentoring and on leading collaborative planning meetings.