At Ark Pioneer, our teachers are passionate subject and curriculum experts with an excellent understanding of the intellectual journey they will be taking their pupils on. Each lesson is underpinned by high expectations and teachers challenge every child while fostering a curiosity for learning.

Every Ark Pioneer teacher has excellent subject knowledge and a detailed understanding of the curriculum, recognising how each lesson’s learning fits into the pupils’ broader development within the subject.

Teachers are passionate about their subject, asking pertinent questions that deepen understanding and fostering a curiosity for learning in every pupil. Lessons are planned effectively and teachers allow adequate time to embed new knowledge, understanding and skills. Academic language is a feature of our lessons.

Positive culture in every classroom

We create an excellent climate for learning in every classroom. Pupils are encouraged to try hard, to take pride in all aspects of their work and to participate fully in every lesson, embracing every challenge we set them.

Assessing our pupils' progress

We emphasise progress rather than attainment. Our teachers will systematically check pupils’ understanding and act to correct any misconceptions and each pupil will be provided with individual feedback aimed at moving his or her learning forward. Read more about our focus on formative assessment in our assessment policy, found here.

We meet parents and pupils at the end of each term for our Academic Review Days. This is time set aside to discuss each pupil's progress in every subject and plan the steps they can take to improve.

Improving Our Curriculum

We continuously improve our teaching and our curriculum, making intelligent use of data and our collective experience to achieve excellent outcomes for our pupils.

Read more about our curriculum planning here.

Developing Teachers

Teaching at Ark Pioneer is a team effort: each teacher plans collaboratively with their department.

"Co-planning time is valuable to discuss how to teach certain concepts or best resources or assessments" (Ark Pioneer teacher, December 2019)

In addition, every teacher has a coach who works with them weekly to develop their practice.

"Coaching is a really helpful tool and just having consistent feedback is helping me to develop really quickly." (Ark Pioneer teacher, December 2019)