This year we will continue with our compulsory summer reading project for all year groups.  This will largely be online based and can be downloaded through the links on this page.  Pupils in Year 6 joining our Year 7 cohort were given copies of the book during Summer Camp or through taking up our offer to collect their book before the summer break.  


Pupils should read their booklet and then answer the questions in the following links:

Year 6 going into Year 7 click here

Year 7 going into Year 8 click here

Year 8 going into Year 9 click here


We have also outlined ways that pupils can aim high over the break and take on additional projects in their other subjects.  Details of these summer projects can be found in the booklets on this page.  To access some of the resources, pupils will need to use their school login details.  These were written into all pupil's planners.  They cannot be reset over the break.


Year 7 into year 8 Literacy Project.docx

Year 8 into year 9 Literacy Project.docx

2021 Year 7 in Year 8 Summer Projects.pdf

2021 Year 8 into year 9 Summer Projects.pdf