We encourage pupils and parents to know how to stay safe online.  There are helpful resources on the NPSCC website that details specific ways that pupils can ensure they are safe and we encourage parents to get in touch with their child's Form Tutor or via info@arkpioneer.org if they have any concerns.



Pupils are responsible for:

  • Keeping their password secure
  • Not giving their password to anyone other than parent/guardian
  • Having passwords that are a mixture of lower and upper case letters, symbols and numbers
  • Informing school as soon as possible if they need to reset their password

Safeguarding on Chromebooks:

Our school devices have a firewall installed to help protect against harmful content or content that the device should not be used for such as online gaming.

We also have Senso safeguarding software installed on all school devices inlcuding the loaned Chromebooks.  This software will take a screenshot of any typed or viewed content that is inappropriate, harmful or risky.  Any questional content will be investigated by Mr Rouse, our Designated Safeguarding Lead and/or Mr McCarville, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Whilst we have taken these precautions, we encourage parents to discuss with their son/daughter how to use the device professionally and how to stay safe online.  This may include only using their devices in a shared space at home and asking for their password to ensure they are using the device safely.

Social Media:

We encourage parents to review the privacy settings and to talk to their son/daughter about how they use online social media platforms.

  • Social media sites used should be age appropriate
  • Pupils much not bring the school into disrepute through social media
  • Pupils must interact with each other in line with our values and home school agreement
  • Not take part in large social media group events or chats
  • Not meet anyone they have met online without the express knowledge and permission of their parent/guardian
  • Pupils should maximise their privacy settings to ensure they are secure and safe