We run regular IT sessions with pupils to explain how to use apps and platforms for online learning and homework.


We have prepared the following resources as a reminder.  Please click to access - 


The attached documents will also help -

How to use Hegarty Maths   PDF iconHegarty Maths Student Intro Booklet (1).pdf

Getting to know your device   PDF iconDevice Guide Dell Chromebook 3100.pdf

Loan agreement    PDF icon4. Ark Schools One to One Device HSA and Contract student parent v4.pdf



Forgotton password/username
  • For school login problems please email or contact your form tutor with the details
  • For apps such as Hegarty or Quizlet please get in touch with your relevant subject teacher
Can't access Teams
  • See our How to access MS Teams guide above
  • Restart your Chromebook
  • Take screenshots on your device and email the details to your Form Tutor
Damage to Chromebook
  • Explain the damage to your Form Tutor and return the device to school as soon as possible
No internet at home or internet outage
I gave out my email or password or entered it into a suspicious website
  • You must reset your password immediately
  • You must get in touch with school via info@arkpioneer.org and your Form Tutor to let them know what has happened
Can the device be personalised?
  • There are restrictions on the device on how the menus and backgrounds can be changed.  This is to help ensure the high performance of the device for the duration of the loan.
Can I download software?
  • There are restrictions on the software that you can install on the device to help protect and ensure the Chromebook lasts for the long term.
  • Any app that is needed for school work will be installed and if you need to have access to anything else please let your Form Tutor know but this will only be granted in exceptional circumstances such as for accessibility.
Can I buy acessories for the Chromebook such as a case?
  • Yes, we encourage pupils to take care of their device and purchasing a case for the Chromebook could help protect the device for the long term.
Will the school's safeguarding software be removed after the loan has ended?
  • Yes, after Year 11 the software will be removed
What happens after Year 11?
  • After Year 11 pupils keep the device