Year 9 Probability Tree Competition

Friday 03 December 2021

If you would like to know the probability of a pupil getting a waffle at break on Friday, ask one of our year 9 pupils!

Our termly year-group maths competition has come and gone, with pupils completing 5 questions – increasing in difficulty – on Probability Trees! With excitement clearly in the atmosphere, pupils ran from question to question calculating the answers quickly (and accurately!) to win the prize for their homegroup.

A big shout out goes to all our contestants; Efe, Taran, Kie, Sophia and Sohil for taking part and representing their homegroups and a massive congratulations goes out to Enoch for winning the competition for 9 Yousafzai!

The maths department enjoyed watching pupils be just as passionate about their subject (especially outside the classroom) and look forward to the next challenge!  Here are some more pictures from the competiton -