Winners of the first Ark Pioneer Academy Photography competition announced

Thursday 28 January 2021

Our very first Ark Pioneer Academy photography competition, organised by Ms Sandeman and Ms Bajwa, was held last week.  The competition was open to staff and students, with entrants asked to create a photographic personal response based on their reflections of the past year.  The response was incredible, and it was great to see so many students and staff sharing their own personal experiences of 2020 and hopes for the future through photography. This is incredibly powerful as building connections with others during this challenging time has been more important than ever.

One winner was selected from each of our year groups and we had one winner from Ark Pioneer Academy staff. 

Taiki Morinaga from 7 Turing is our year 7 winner.  Taiki explained the thoughts behind his image, above. "This shows that we are trapped in our home, which is the curtain, but when we heard the news of COVID-19's vaccine being made, we start to get hope for fighting COVID, which is the light coming through the curtain."  An incredibly powerful message, simply executed and such a well thought out and intelligent response.  Well done Taiki!

Jake Barkla-Mogford from 8 Lawrence is the well-deserved winner from year 8.  Jake titled his work, shown above, 'Stuck', a very apt title!  Jake describes the concept behind his work, "this photograph resembles my 2020 in that I have been stuck doing the same activities over and over, wanting to be free of the virus".  This photograph resonates with us and symbolises the challenges faced by many of us this year.  The clarity of the composition harmonises perfectly with the choatic textures within the photograph.  A strong, well-executed idea. Great work, Jake!

As always here at Ark Pioneer, the level of staff participation was fantastic!  However, there was one clear winner, and that was Mr Mogaji's self-portrait 'Isolation'.  Mr Mogaji explains, "this reflects the isolation of 2020 when everyone was forced to spend more time alone than we ever have before and thus, more time with our thoughts, to plan towards our future, to reflect and be thankful for life.  The different plants signify that despite loneliness there is life, hope and growth waiting for us on the other side."  We loved the organic composition of this portrait and the deeply reflective description.  The isolated sitter connects with the viewer by staring directly into the camera, emphasising the idea of loneliness and the challenge of making connections during this time, which many who are unable to see family or friends can relate to.  Thank you to Mr Mogaji for sharing his work and reflections.

Huge congratulations to our runners up - Joseph Hanison from 7 Grey, Milli Depala from 8 Lawrence and Ms Ryan, our Principal, who all produced incredibly throughtful responses to the theme.

Our winning staff entry - Mr Mogaji

Our Year 7 runner up  - Joseph Hanison

Our Year 8 runner up - Milli Depala

Our Staff runner up - Ms Ryan

"Millions of men have lived to fight, build palaces and boundaries, shape destinies and societies; but the compelling force of all times has been the force of originality and creation profoundly affecting the roots of human spirit" - Ansel Adams