VR at Ark Pioneer

Wednesday 25 May 2022

Jasmine (9 Rashford), Avi (8 Grey), Liam (9 Johnson), and Jaele (8 Gandhi) spent an afternoon experiencing some of the educational applications of Virtual Reality. After a short tutorial and a few games of virtual ping pong the software engineers took them through a variety of learning experiences. They encountered a full-sized dinosaur, picked up animals and organs in a virtual classroom, and went on a spacewalk to name some of the scenarios the engineers had set up for them. They were exceptionally well behaved and represented themselves well in front of the cameras during the experience, impressing the engineers and cinematographer with their interviewing skills.

Mr Muxworthy, Maths Teacher


Follow this link to view a short film of the day: https://vimeo.com/capturedworld/review/709512813/7f4d9bd7c7