Virtual lessons, virtual excellence for Ark Pioneer pupils

Monday 18 January 2021

We are very impressed with how our pupils have adapted to remote learning and live online lessons on MS Teams. Each day they log into five lessons online. There are also weekly assemblies, tutor notices and a call from their homegroup tutor, to check how each of our pupils are doing.

Ms Barnes, Lead Teacher of Music enjoyed exploring the power of the pentatonic scale (a five note scale) as well as learning to play keyboards with her group last week. In the group’s first lesson on this topic, they drew keyboards to learn each note’s name. Ms Barnes is looking forward to this week’s lesson, where they will learn to play Amazing Grace using keyboards, piano apps on phones/tablets or using the group’s own keyboard drawings. Fantastic adaption.












Our science team are enjoying physics with year 7. Miss Pick had a fantastic lesson with year 7 pupils learning about gravity in space. In the picture below, you can see they were carrying out some calculations to determine the weight of objects on different planets.

Miss Pick commented ‘I have been really impressed with our pupils’ determination to keep their standards of work as high as they usually are in class - they have been very keen to show off their efforts on camera!’