UKMT Maths Challenge - Results are in!

Tuesday 15 March 2022

We were very proud of our Intermediate UKMT Maths Challenge participants who took part in the competition earlier this month - and now... the results are in!

A group of year 9 pupils completed the UKMT challenge this year earlier in March. Many pupils had competed in the Junior Maths Challenge previously, but this time round, they stepped up to the Intermediate challenge, which poses more difficult problem-solving questions.

Pupils had 1 hour to answers 25 brain-stretching questions - all pupils tried their hardest to unpick each question!

Well done to every pupil who took part! We look forward to seeing how our year 7 and year 8 pupils get on with their Junior Challenge in summer.

Here are the certificate awards and their score for year 9:

Gold certificate and Best in School Award - congratulations to:


Gold Certificate - congratulations to:

Enoch & Kie

Silver - congratulations to:

Shota M,  Efe, Luke, Fabian A, Shota K, Santiago & Taran 

Bronze- congratulations to:

Sohil, John, Aria, Nizam, Jake,  Avah, Teodor, Samuel, Gavin, Thomas, Henry, Milli & Kalina