Pupils go personal during Pillar Day!

Tuesday 05 October 2021

We were delighted for pupils to take time to focus on their wider development last Thursday 30th on our first Pillar Day of the year. Pupils were off timetable and engaged in different sessions to develop understanding of our values and to think more about their own personal development.


Years 7 & 8 looked at being kind to yourself with a session focussed on the concept of mindfulness and wellbeing, practising mindfulness and reflection including strategies like 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

We explored having integrity when interacting online, including during use of social media, what to consider to ensure each young person is safe online and what constitutes bullying online and what to do about it. Pupils also took time to explore getting home safely including safe road crossings and showing  self-discipline in our local community. Pristine and Denisa in Y8 commented ‘Our favourite session was the one on cyberbullying. It made us think outside the box and whether online bullying is worse than physical bullying. We both disagree, I (Denisa) think physically bullying is worse because online you can block people.’


Year 9 explored kindness and integrity in working collaboratively with a series of Team Bonding activities, including team challenges inside and out in the field (luckily the rain stayed away!) Challenges in the Sports Hall included a series of time challenges including the ‘Human Knot’, the ‘Pipeline race’ and the ‘Lava pit race’. Pupils also worked as a team to complete some ‘Eggcellent’ towers in a second team building challenge. Finally, pupils battled in a series of ‘Tough Mudder’ challenges on the sports pitches outside.


Year 9 girls had a high aspirations for women focus, with two careers speakers (a journalist and an economist) followed by a reflection on the opportunities and challenges in the world of work for women. Year 9 boys had their second set of Beyond Equality sessions, with external facilitators getting them talking about masculinity and gender stereotypes and giving our boys the opportunity to discuss topics including emotional wellbeing, violence, objectification & body image, sexism and consent.

Adeel in 9Moore commented ‘I found the beyond equality sessions not only fun, but they really made me think about what does it mean to be growing into a man? I think we can choose to be the type of men we want to be!’