Pioneer Staff & Pupils help the NHS

Five of our Ark Pioneer keyworker students have spent the afternoon responding to the Covid-19 NHS PPE shortage. They have joined forces with the charity HOPE, alongside thousands of other volunteers, to be involved in the process of cutting, sewing and stitching NHS scrubs for doctors, nurses and carers on the frontline. Ark Pioneer’s job – to complete the final scrub process of ironing the hospitals logos on and packing them neatly away ready to be worn. The students thoroughly enjoyed the process and felt a great sense of pride knowing that they were doing something to help tackle the corona virus.


“We got given scrubs that people volunteered to make and ironed the logos on. I felt helpful to know the doctors will be protected when they see patients.”


"I really enjoyed it and it made me happy because I felt like I was doing the right thing. We all felt like heroes to help the NHS tackle the virus. My mum told me when she was working for the NHS some people unfortunately died, which made me really sad. I kept thinking about how we can stop it, so it made me happy because we were helping the NHS. The NHS are heroes and I wish them good luck!"

Every week, Ark Pioneer will carry on supporting the charity in order to protect both the front-liners and the patients. Heartening contribution from our younger generation!

So from everyone at school: Stay safe and save lives!

Ms Mehta