Pioneer hosts & wins the Ark Maths Competition

The Year 7 Ark Maths Competition was held here, at Ark Pioneer Academy. 8 Ark schools participated in a day of fun-filled mathematics!

The day saw a lot of logical thinking during the sudoku round, problem solving and excellent team work during the group round, number crunching during the speed round and some fast running and speedy calculations during the relay race. It was fantastic to see the students unwavering perseverance and passion for Mathematics throughout the whole day.

Teachers also had a round of 10 super challenging questions in 10 minutes. Mr Rouse, the maths teacher representing Ark Pioneer Academy, said ‘students I love that you are routing for me but please do not cheer – stay quiet – as I need to focus and win this!’ Mr Rouse’s determination in those 10 minutes did lead to a victory in the teacher round – so a huge well done to Mr Rouse. However, an even bigger and prouder moment is when the scores had been totalled from all of the rounds of the day – and realising that Ark Pioneer Academy had won the overall competition by a whopping 60 points ahead of the Ark Bolingbroke who came second!

Efe, Daichi, Sophia and Milli were fantastic mathematicians, winning the Year 7 Ark Maths Competition for Ark Pioneer Academy.