Pillar Day - Be Kind

Tuesday 29 September 2020

On Thursday, Pioneer pupils embarked on their first Pillar Day of this academic year, focussing on exploring our core values in greater depth.

The day kicked off with an inspirational assembly from Boaz Adelekan, a former Ark Academy pupil now in his third year of Warwick university studying philosophy. He is also a spoken word artist and spoke to our pupils about ‘Aiming High’ and how finding your ‘Why’ in life can help you overcome challenges and lead you to success in life.

Pupils then delved further into our ‘Be Kind’ value and took part in sessions about being kind to our bodies, minds and community. These sessions focused on; changes to our bodies during puberty, body confidence, positive mental health and wellbeing alongside understanding that we are all different and diversity in our community is something to celebrate.

Ms Butler Hardy said of the day, “It has been a thought-provoking day which gave us the opportunity to grow together as form groups. It was humbling to see the pupils be so honest as well as respectful of each other’s experiences during discussions. Overall, it was a really fun day!”