PhD Career's Speaker discusses working for the NHS

Monday 07 December 2020

This half term we were delighted to welcome Lola Oluotun as our Careers speaker.

Lola is a PhD student in the final stage of her postgraduate in Clinical Psychology and is completing her placement with the NHS. Lola spoke to the pupils about the competitive nature to get onto a postgraduate course in psychology and how this can often take a few years after finishing university. She really highlighted how a growth mindset and the ability to model determination were key attributes in being successful for her.

Our pupils found the careers talk fascinating and had many questions for Lola around the patients she has treated. One aspect of her placement was working with young people who needed support after leaving gangs, while another was working with some famous people. What really stood out to our pupils is that mental health is as important as physical health and it can affect anyone, at any age from any background.

There was a huge admiration for Lola from our pupils for the work she does supporting others and it really opened up the minds of our pupils to the range of careers that the NHS can offer beyond being a doctor or nurse.