Music Mark nomination for Pioneer!

Wednesday 29 September 2021

We are delighted to have been nominated to be a Music Mark School!

This is huge honour as Music Mark is the UK Association for Music Education, championing and supporting access to music for all children and young people. 

Ark Pioneer has been nominated by BEAT (Barnet Education Arts Trust) in recognition of the value we place on music, encouraging access and engagement for all pupils with high quality music making.

All Ark Pioneer pupils follow a diverse curriculum, currently ‘Stomp & Sing’ (in year 7) , exploring music from West Africa (in year 8) and using music technology to create Electronic Dance Music tracks (in year 9).

Twenty percent of children at Ark Pioneer learn a musical instrument with one of our seven visiting specialist teachers.

There are many opportunities for pupils to take part in Enrichment music including Concert Band, String ensemble, Rock groups, Music Technology groups, Lunchtime concerts and our fabulous choir which will shortly be singing in the Royal Albert Hall!