Marcus Rashford continues to inspire our pupils!

Wednesday 03 February 2021

Here at Ark Pioneer Academy our form groups are named after inspirational figures, with one Year 8 class being named after Marcus Rashford, the Manchester United footballer, who has become a prominent figure in the fight against child food poverty in the UK.

Marcus Rashford petitioned parliament to extend free school meals over the school holidays.  He also formed the Child Food Poverty Taskforce to find a long-term solution to combat child food poverty across the UK, and has raised £20 million for food distribution charity, FareShare. A truly inspiring figure!

One of our 8 Rashford classmates, Myles, wrote to Marcus Rashford to let him know that his class was named in honour of him, and here’s the response Marcus sent:

It’s nice to have your class named after me, but it’s not about me, it’s about you kids growing up. Maybe, one day, I will catch up with you all.

Take care,

Marcus Rashford

Ms Butler-Hardy, 8 Rashford’s form Tutor, is very proud of the representation of her class. A huge well done to Myles!