Mandela win £1,000 at First Give Final

Saturday 26 March 2022

Over the spring term, Y8 pupils have been taking part in the first give social action projects. Last week saw our school community celebrate all the hard work done by the pupils in raising awareness and money for their chosen charity. Each group completed a presentation on the actions and outcomes of their social action projects in a bid to win an additional £1,000 for their chosen charity.

Magdalene Mill, Programme Manager at First Give, alongside Ms Paterson, Head of Y8 and youth advisors Antony, Efe and Taran (all pupils in year 9) were our head judges for the final. They had a very difficult job in deciding a winner, so much so that one other homegroup and an individual pupil were awarded special commendations. The first commendation went to Hawking for their amazing and thoughtful poem and their social action, which really brought to light the importance of mental health and hiding behind 'the mask'. The second commendation was to Richard, for his heartfelt poem which really touched the judges.

In the end the winning homegroup, who were presented with the cheque for £1,000 for their charity of 'Homeless Action in Barnet' was 8 Mandela.

Below you will see the list of charities that our Y8 form groups decided to work with:

8 Gandhi – Hadley Common

8 Grey – Safer London

8 Hawking – MIND

8 Mandela– Homeless Action Barnet

8 Turing – Art Against Knives

8 Williams – Young Barnet Foundation

Congratulations to all pupils involved and we look forward to working closely with the First Give charity again next year.