Learning about careers in Media

Tuesday 30 November 2021

Last week, Ark Pioneer pupils were lucky enough to have a visiting Careers Speaker from the media Industry. Curtis Weir, who has the role of Out of Home Group Director at Publicis Media, joined us virtually to share insights on his industry with pupils from year 7, 8 and 9.

Curtis delivered an inspiring presentation on the different aspects of Publicis Media, which include creating advertising for some of the world’s biggest corporations, including Disney, Mcdonalds and Natwest. His role is to make decisions on where adverts are displayed, e.g. sides of buses, tube stations. He spoke about his experiences at school, his time at Goldsmiths University studying Communications and Cultural studies and the work experience that he gained.

Pupils asked lots of questions to find out more including starting salaries, perceptions of advertising and the kinds of collaboration that Curtis gets to do as part of his job (including working with famous people!)

Curtis also spoke about how important Music and Extra-curricular was for him at school and said “this is what made me to develop team work and public speaking skills, which helped me to progress in my career.”