Homegroup Competition Winners

Friday 12 February 2021

Thank you to everyone who entered our Homegroup Competition! The range of talent here at Ark Pioneer is amazing and this was shown through the different ways pupils represented their homegroup name. We had students showing off their ICT skills through the use of PowerPoint, Photoshop and Sketch; we had pupils write exceptional poems and we had pupils write and perform their own songs.

We received the following notable entries:

-Ahou in 8 Lawrence created a mind map on Doreen Lawrence with facts showcasing how she founded the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust in order to prevent racially motivated attacks.

-Richard in 7 Gandhi wrote a poem describing Gandhi’s beautiful traits on how he offered peace, love and friendship.

-Naomi and Egla in 7 Hawking wrote and performed their own song on how Stephen Hawking is such an inspirational character with his condition never preventing him from completing excellent things.  Please click on the image below to hear Naomi and Egla's amazing song.

-Farah in 7 Mandela photoshopped an amazing picture of Nelson Mandela and with the use of Ark Pioneer colours brought his work of racial equality to the 21st century.

However, the winner of our Homegroup Competition was Ronnie in 7 Williams who put in lots of effort into baking a tennis racket with a tennis ball to showcase Serena Williams! Well done Ronnie !