The Great Pioneer Bake Off

Last week we held our first ever Pioneer Bake Off competition. Pupils were tasked with putting their baking enrichment skills to the test, baking cakes inspired by their favourite subjects. Staff also got involved in a bid to show off their own subject areas. Below we bring you some other notable entries alongside our pupil and teacher winners, decided by our principal Ms Ryan.

Teacher Bake-Off

A massive well done to Miss Pick who came top in the staff category. Miss Pick created this amazing solar system cake, and not only does it have the 8 planets spinning around the sun, but it also has a model of the Pioneer 10 spacecraft which our school logo is designed after. We hope you like the wooden spoon!

Student Bake-Off

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Student Bake-Off. There was a fantastic set of entries and it is clear there is so much talent and creativity in year 7 – well done to everyone who got involved.

Third place: Rory

We loved the different approach taken by Rory with the Rice Krispy base. The sports theme was clear and the use of Lego props really added to the scene. Nice work Rory!

Second place: Rebecca

Very professional finish here, including the icing on each part of the cake and the precise writing. The compass and the globe represent Geography well. Good job Rebecca!

First place: Milli

We liked the thought and preparation that went into Milli’s cake. Milli considered how the cake would look and taste and practised extensively. This would rival the creations on GBBO no doubt! Fantastic work Milli!