E-Safety Parent Workshop

Friday 06 November 2020

We welcomed parents of Ark Pioneer’s students to join in on a virtual e-safety training session. Here we spoke about the ever growing interest and concern of online safety of our students – speaking in particular about popular social media sites and online gaming and the ways they can be easily and readily abused. We further spoke about sexting and cyber bullying and speaking about ways for parents to support their child through the use of the acronym TEAM:

  • Talk – chat to your child about their online world, just as you’d ask about their day at school. Discuss the apps, social networks and websites your child uses.
  • Explore – explore and understand the apps, games and sites your child uses by downloading them yourself and taking time to understand how they work.
  • Agree – make sure you are a good role model and agree common ground rules and boundaries your child as well as the rest of the family, such as which websites and apps are okay and not okay to use and why, times they are allowed online and what they are allowed to do.
  • Manage – Adapt privacy settings and use parental controls where necessary. Set rewards if your child sticks to the agreements and allow them more freedom as they mature and develop.

For further support, below are some websites which can support you as the parent with knowing and learning more about e-safety:

This e-safety workshop will be repeated next week for parent/carers who missed this session. Look out for further information in Ms Ryan's weekly parent update.