Chair of Governors marks the end of pupils' first day

The Chair of Governors, Dr Claire Barnes, joined staff and pupils to mark the end of the first full day at Ark Pioneer. Dr Barnes cut a ribbon yesterday afternoon to loud applause from waiting parents, as founding pupils made their way out and home at the end of a long but rewarding day at Ark Pioneer.

Dr Barnes said: ‘It was such a privilege to mark the first day of our brand new academy by cutting a ribbon. I was delighted to see the pupils enjoying the new building and looking so smart in their new uniforms. It was also an occasion to welcome parents and carers to our new school community and we look forward an exciting future together.’

We look forward to welcoming her back to Ark Pioneer for the official opening ceremony at the end of the half term.

Photo above: Chair congratulating Rhea, founding pupil, as she leaves at the end of her first full day at Ark Pioneer.