British Library Trip

Wednesday 23 March 2022

Our team of pupil librarians were lucky enough to go on a visit to discover the British Library, its buildings, and collections.

The group impressed the tour guide with lots of questions about specific collections that the library holds, to how to request books in the Reading Rooms.

The highlight of the trip was exploring the world-famous Treasures Gallery and pupils were excited to see precious and important items that have shaped the history of the UK and the wider world. Librarians took in the original Beatles lyrics, one of the four copies of the Magna Carta and a stunning Quran.

Year 9 librarians Edwin and Kerem did come across a special new acquisition, the play that they are studying in English. The British library recently acquired the working draft of Andrea Levy’s Small Island and both boys seized the opportunity to take notes from the original for their upcoming assessment!

Our pupils showed enthusiasm about different parts of the collections such as music, stamps, modern fiction books, and ancient religious texts. All were amazed to find out that the library contains every single published book in the UK and Ireland, with a total of 14 million books under the care of the British Library. This field trip inspired many ideas for how to develop our own thriving library space.

This trip was a reward for our pupil librarian’s dedication and hard work this year. Well done library team!