Black History Month Winners Wow!

Monday 16 November 2020

Black History Month Writing Competition - November 2020

Here at Ark Pioneer Academy we wanted to celebrate Black History Month in a way that showcased the artistry and intellect of our students. Students across Years 7 and 8 were asked to write a piece of literature that expressed their views on identity.  The English Department were inundated with wonderful entries from our students.  Our winners were Naomi in Year 7 and Sophia in Year 8. "I was so surprised that I won", said Naomi, "I was so excited and so happy - it was such a nice surprise.  It really made me try harder in lessons. When you see that you can do something, you know you can do more." Sophia in Year 8 said "When I won, I was very excited and honoured that I'd been chosen out of everyone at Ark Pioneer.  It was fun experience writing it!"


Their entries were wonderfully expressive, creative and articulate pieces of writing.  Well done to everyone who entered!