Art and History Trip to the National Gallery

Friday 01 July 2022

On Wednesday 25th May, our pupils were lucky enough to join Mr Critchley (Lead Teacher of Art) and Mr Grande (Head of History) for a trip to the National Gallery in Central London.

Pupils encountered important renaissance works by a range of artists including Michaelangelo and Hans Holbein. Ms Secluna introduced the group to Jan Van Eyck's fascinating and mysterious Arnolfini Portrait while Mr Grande revealed the story behind the famous Wilton Diptych.

As a group, we enjoyed exploring the grand spaces of the National Gallery, taking notes and soaking in the atmosphere. Pupils impressed throughout the trip with the amount they noticed and picked up on from their learning in History and Art across the year. They even did some impromptu portrait sketching on the tube, led by Mr Critchley!