Ark Sports Day Challenge

As we cannot have a conventional sports day this year. The Ark Network have set a challenge. Pioneer is the youngest Ark school and we want to make our mark in this challenge!



What is the aim?

  • Ark’s goal is to collectively travel the distance around the world, which equals 40,000km.


We're asking you - our community of students, teachers, supporters, and friends - to do an activity that adds to the kilometre count and helps us reach our target. Let's inspire each other with what we can achieve together – doing something fun, healthy, and positive along our way.


What can you do?

  • You can walk, run or cycle to add to the Ark kilometre count.
  • You can take part in challenges for best time, longest distance or create ways to travel.


We want to do something fun, healthy and positive, while raising money to help our school and students recover from the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and build the resilience they need for the future.


Are we fundraising?

Yes we have the option of fundraising. We have set up an Ark Pioneer Just Giving page. If you decide that you would like to raise money whilst taking part in the Ark Sports Day Challenge – then we would ask that you use this page to fundraise.

Ark as a network will match the money raised by any of its schools. Any money raised will go towards our Pioneer Mini-Bus Fund!

Why do we need a Pioneer Mini-Bus Fund?

  • Help with travelling on trips
  • Allow access to more enrichment opportunities including sports fixtures and competitions
  • Help stay safe from public transport


Count me in! So what do I do now?

1. Sign up – to sign up click here

2. Set your target - for how many kilometres you can run, cycle, walk – or any way you can think of. For instance, if you climb the stairs 286 times, you'll add 1km to our target!

3. Complete your challenge Complete your challenge between the 1st – 15th July. You can do it in one day or across the two weeks.

4. Track Submit your challenge progress on this website from the 1st of July, so that we can add your kilometres to the collective target and see who has travelled the furthest.


If you have any issues with signing up please let your tutor know.

If you have questions or queries, please email Mr Burton


Need more info?


Find out more here