Ark Pioneer's first Gelosia Competition

On Friday 18th October form groups competed against each other in a race against the clock to solve mathematic puzzles using the Gelosia Method.

Forms were given two days to prepare and choose one student to represent them. The atmosphere on the day was incredible, each competing student was running from one challenge to the other, whilst being cheered on by the rest of their group.

Although every student did their forms & the school proud, the winners on the day were Form 7 Aspen, led by pupil Shoei.

Aspens Form Tutor Ms Rolle;

“I am so proud to be the teacher of the winning form in our first Gelosia competition at Ark Pioneer!

7 Aspen worked together fantastically during the competition. From our initial practice race, which all students completed in our form time session, to Shoei’s absolute focus and determination on the day, the entire form came together to support and cheer each other on. It was a lovely demonstration of the community spirit and friendships that have been forged in our first half term together. Go Aspen!”