Ark Pioneer is looking for governors

Thursday 14 February 2019

Ark Pioneer Academy is seeking governors to join our founding governing body. The governing body will be made up up of six to ten members, incuding the Chair and Principal. Governors are usually people with a local connection or a particular skill or interest who are committed to supporting educational opportunity in the area.

We're looking for people with good insight into the specific challenges at the school and the general challenges of operating top-quality schools, excellent community links or specific skills such as finance, safeguarding or SEND.

"By having diverse school leadership, you can ensure the school understands and meets the needs of all the pupils. I felt that I brought relevant experience to my role as a governor," says Wasim Rehman. Wasim became a governor of Ark's Isaac Newton Academy in Ilford in 2015. He is a graduate from the University of Cambridge who became a Partner at Marshall Wace Asset Management while still in his 20s. "I am driven by wanting to make a difference, but I’m also learning from, and enjoying the experience. I’m passionate about mentoring young mathematicians and scientists. I stay behind after governing body meetings and work with several promising scientists and mathematicians at the school. I talk to them about their studies but also about their aspirations and selecting a university. For me the best part of being a governor is knowing that you're making a difference and seeing that you’ve had an impact on the pupils." You can read Wasim's story here

Josie Verghese is a Senior Producer at the BBC. She became a governor at Ark Walworth Academy in South London six years ago. "It’s hard to explain what a governor does because as your connection to the school grows, your position evolves. Generally, I describe my role as being a critical friend to the school – there to support but also challenge. Personally it is really important that I’m also a recognisable face so that the pupils and staff feel I am more directly connected with them and our local community, rather than having a governor who just parachutes in for meetings. I see those young people and the staff from the school almost every day and for me that really matters." You can read Josie's story here.

Learn more about becoming an Ark governor here.