Academy Council 2021 confirmed!

Wednesday 06 October 2021

We are pleased to announce that the votes have been counted and verified, and the representatives for the Ark Pioneer Academy Council 2021-22 have been appointed!

Last Thursday pupils cast their votes having listened to all candidates make speeches promoting their candidacy for this year’s elections. Across the board, tutors and pupils alike were impressed with the speeches and the confidence and courage of all who put themselves forward.

Congratulations to all elected Council members:

This term the Pupil Council will be involved in

  • Promoting opportunities for form representation in Academy events such as the Pioneer Pupil Bake-Off
  • Encouraging pupil voice in the first pupil survey this year, and feedback back on all actions
  • Community service including collections for the Harvest Festival where donations will be made to Chipping Barnet Food Bank

We look forward to updating you on their involvement in school life as we progress through the term!