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How do I stay safe when working from home?

  • Its important to follow the government guidance including isolating if you or a member of your household shows symtoms of coronavirus
  • We will ensure you are provided with a remote learning programme so that you continue to progress across the breadth of subjects
  • Remember to stay safe online by only communicating with people who you know and trust

How can I be healthy while working at home?

  • It is important to take regular breaks while working and set a timetable for your day. A great way to do this is to set a timer for 20min of work with no distractions and then take a 10min break. Or you could work in the morning and then take the afternoon off.
  • It is important to consider your mental and physical health when you are off. Remember to be doing regular exercise (your PE booklet will help with this) and if you are worried about your mental health there are great resources online (youngminds.org.uk) but the best thing to do is to speak with a friend, family member or your form tutor about how you are feeling.

What are the Core and Extended Curriculum Subjects?

Core Curriculum - Remote Learning

Extended Curriculum Subjects - Remote Learning

English Language
English Literature











How will my work be checked?

  • You will be set quizzes which take place online.  Your teacher will be checking your performance in these and your tutor will discuss your results with you.
  • You will also be given ‘red pen work’ each week to correct all the week’s work.

Where should I do my work?

  • You should find a place where you can do focused work without distractions e.g. phones, TVs, games consoles nearby
  • It’s a great idea to get someone to take these distractions away from you so that you can do your work.

How should I do my work?

  • All work should be written up in your ‘Workbook’ that you were given. If you did not receive an exercise book, then any notebook or pad can be used. You need to write the subject before the title and then the way you layout this book is exactly the same as you would in lesson with each page having a title and date.
  • All work should be done to the best of your ability and show that you are aiming high and modelling determination.

What if I get stuck or don’t understand?

  • If you don’t understand or get stuck you will find a number of help points in your booklets such as sentence starters and links to online resources such as YouTube clips or BBC Bitesize revision
  • If you are still stuck, then you can email your form teacher or ask your parent/guardian to email them for help make sure you let them know very clearly what it is you do not understand. This includes details of the subject, page number and the issues you have.

How do I know if I am right?

  • Inside the booklet you will find points to test yourself and some answers. You can also find out if you are correct by using the additional support resources such as the linked video clips and reading

What if I finish all my work?

  • If you finish your work, you should quiz yourself so that learning sticks in your long-term memory.
  • Each booklet also has stretch questions which should be completed and an optional homework project which can also be done
  • We very strongly recommend that you use this time to read a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books.