Enrichment at Ark Pioneer

Every pupil at Ark Pioneer takes part in two enrichment activities per week, built into our extended school day. We run a variety of enrichment sessions for our pupils, giving them the chance to develop interests and passions that will give them enjoyment throughout their lives.

Pupils can able to choose from activities ranging from cooking and yoga, to football and singing in our choir. 

In order to re-open safely pupils will be offered a virtual enrichment programme this term, including dance, HIIT, bakery and cookery. We are committed to ensuring pupils have this opportunity to develop their passions and interests in a way that ensures the school community is as safe as possible.



Network Enrichment Opportunities

Pupils also have the chance to take part in all of these activities and much more as they develop their personalities and build their confidence. This includes the opportunity to take part in some brilliant Ark events such as:

  • Ark Schools Music Gala
  • Shakespeare Schools Festival
  • Debating competitions
  • Spelling bees
  • Maths challenges
  • Sports days