Enrichment at Ark Pioneer

Every pupil at Ark Pioneer takes part in two enrichment activities per week, built into our extended school day. We run a variety of enrichment sessions for our pupils, giving them the chance to develop interests and passions that will give them enjoyment throughout their lives.

Pupils are able to choose from activities ranging from cooking and yoga, to football and singing in our choir. 


Virtual Enrichment this term at Ark Pioneer

We encourage our pupils to continue participating in enrichment virtually through this lockdown. Last half term we had a live virtual offer of music, dance, fitness and cooking. This half term we are bringing together a variety of resources that will allow pupils to stay fit and active or get involved in arts and crafts and cooking at home. In adddition and we are also continuing our instrumental lessons virtually - we'll share more about that in a news article later in the term.


Enrichment: Physical activities

Daily physical activity is really important in order to help keep a healthy mind and body during this difficult time.

The first Netflex document includes shorter activities 

  • 5-8 minute brain breaks
  • superhero workouts
  • yoga for young people

Netflex Videos Document 1.pdf

The second Netflex document has more challenging length activities. These include

  • 20 minute workout
  • Pilates
  • Abs & core workouts

Netflex Videos Document 2.pdf

Other enrichment ideas & links: