Please see below for some of the most common questions about admissions to Ark Pioneer Academy in September 2019. If you have any further questions about the process, please get in touch via


How do I apply to Ark Pioneer?

Every pupil applying needs to do so through a separate application form, managed by Barnet. Follow this link to apply: - Barnet’s Parent Portal (Live).

All applications for Ark Pioneer, including those from pupils in primary school outside Barnet, should be made through this portal. This application is separate to the e-admissions website which is used to apply for places at other schools.


How will I know my child has a place at Ark Pioneer?

You will receive a letter in the post to confirm your child has been offered a place from March 1st. There will be a second round of offers at the end of March. Please contact if you are have any queries about your offer letter.


I have been offered a place at Ark Pioneer and at one of my six choices on e-admissions. What should my next steps be?

If you are successful in attaining a place at Ark Pioneer, it is likely you will also be offered a place at one of your six e-admissions choice schools. You will then accept one offer. If you wish to accept your place at Ark Pioneer, you should notify If you wish to accept a place at a school on e-admissions, you should follow the instructions from Barnet Council.


I am not happy with the secondary school place my child has been offered but I did not complete the form for Ark Pioneer admissions in October. Can I apply to Ark Pioneer now?

Yes, you can still apply to Ark Pioneer through the portal in March, if you are unhappy with the place you have been offered. You will join the waiting list for Ark Pioneer and may be offered a place during the second round of offers at the end of March. Please contact for further details.


Is Ark Pioneer a selective school?

No. Ark Pioneer will be a brand new, non-selective 11-18 school in Barnet. Our admissions will largely be based on distance - please see our Admissions Policy for full details.


Is there a catchment area?

There is no defined catchment area. As we are a new school with no previous year groups, we have no guidelines on our catchment area at present.


Why is Ark Pioneer not available on the e-admissions site?

As Ark Pioneer is a new school in Barnet, the application process is different for the first year 7 cohort.