We are delighted to have expanded our team of staff in our second year:

  Code Name Dept Role
Aishling Ryan
2 CMC Connor McElwaine History Vice Principal
3 JCO Joseph Coward History Assistant Principal & Lead Teacher History
4 JMC James Mc Carville Science Assistant Principal & HoD Science
5 KRO Kalil Rouse Maths Head of Year & Safeguarding Lead
6 DBU Daniel Burton PE Head of Year & Lead Teacher PE
7 RBR Rachel Britton Drama SENCO & Lead Teacher Drama
8 EFE Elmina Ferguson English Head of English
9 MDA Miriam Davis Maths Head of Maths
10 KRL Kat Rolle MFL Lead Teacher French
11 DRO Dylan Robinson Geography Lead Teacher Geography
12 SSA Sarah Sandeman Art & DT Lead Teacher Art
13 JBA Jayne Barnes Music Lead Teacher Music
14 CBU Coral Butler-Hardy English English Teacher
15 TSU Tahmina Sultana English English Teacher
16 LOS Lucy O'Sullivan English English Teacher
17 NBA Nishma Bajwa Maths Maths Teacher & Community Link
18 EOA Emmanuela Odamea Ampey Maths Maths Teacher
19 GPI Georgina Pick Science Science Teacher
20 LGA Lisa Gavi Science Science Teacher
21 RDI Renuka Dias French French Teacher
22 JGR Jonathan Grande History History Teacher
23 CHA Chloe Harris Geography Geography Teacher
24 SPA Sidonie Paterson PE PE Teacher
25 CEV Charles Evans DT Design Technology Teacher 
26 LJE Lindsay Jennings Inclusion Graduate Teaching Assistant
27 LMO Luke Mogaji Inclusion Graduate Teaching Assistant
28 MAL Mohammed Ali Inclusion Graduate Teaching Assistant
29 SOR Stephanie Orozco Inclusion Graduate Teaching Assistant
30 HGO Helena Gow Inclusion Graduate Teaching Assistant
31 LNE Lucinda Neagle Inclusion Graduate Teaching Assistant
32 CCO Chloe Conces Administration Executive Assistant (Maternity Leave)
33 RSH Rita Shah Administration Acting Executive Assistant & Finance
34 JSH Jasmine Sheikh Administration Administration & Data
35 ABE Alison Bell Administration Administrator (Maternity Cover)
36 RMA Rao Mohan Matta Kitchen Head Chef
37 GKO George Konstantinopolsky Kitchen Cook
38 MTO Maria Toomey Kitchen Cook
39 SSH Shanthine Sivabalan Kitchen Catering Assistant
40 AJU Anthony Jury Presmises Premises Manager
41 RST Robert Stevenson Premises Premises Assistant
42 ALA Amy Laing Finance Regional Finance Manager


If you would like to contact a teacher please speak to the school office on 020 3787 4090 or email us at info@arkpioneer.org.