We are delighted to have expanded our team of staff in our third year:

Code Name Dept Role
Aishling Ryan
CMC Connor McElwaine History Vice Principal
JCO Joseph Coward History Assistant Principal & Lead Teacher History
JMC James McCarville Science Assistant Principal 
KRO Kalil Rouse Maths Senior Teacher & Safeguarding Lead
DBU Daniel Burton PE Senior Teacher, Head of Year & Lead Teacher PE
RBR Rachel Britton Drama Assistant Principal, SENCO & Lead Teacher Drama
EFE Elmina Ferguson English Head of English
CAD Chloe Adams Maths Acting Head of Maths
GPI Georgina Pick Science Head of Science
KRL Kat Rolle MFL Lead Teacher French
DRO Dylan Robinson Geography Lead Teacher Geography
JCR Joseph Critchley  Art  Lead Teacher Art
JBA Jayne Barnes Music Lead Teacher Music
LHA Lauren Hagan RE Lead Teacher RE
CBU Coral Butler-Hardy English Head of Year & English Teacher
SPA Sidonie Paterson PE Head of Year & PE Teacher
TSU Tahmina Sultana English English Teacher
LOS Lucy O'Sullivan English English Teacher
HME Harriet Melrose English English Teacher
VOF Vanessa Ofosua-Gyame English English Teacher
SAD Shukri Aden English English Teacher
WBR William Bradley English English Teacher
NBA Nishma Bajwa Maths Maths Teacher & Community Link
EOA Emmanuela Odamea Ampey Maths Maths Teacher
TMU Tom Muxworthy Maths Maths Teacher
HKA Hina Kamal Maths Maths Teacher
ASP Anna Spencer Science Science Teacher
RDI Renuka Dias French French Teacher
KCH Kealey Chapman French French Teacher
JGR Jonathan Grande History History Teacher
ADU Ariana Dubignon History History Teacher
CHA Chloe Harris Geography Geography Teacher
GRI Georgia Riches Geography Geography Teacher
SSE Stephanie Secluna Art & DT Art & Design Technology Teacher
CEV Charles Evans DT Design Technology Teacher 
RCA Ryan Carruthers Inclusion GTA & Cover Supervisor
SDU Sheron Dunn Inclusion Graduate Teaching Assistant
LJE Lindsay Jennings Inclusion Graduate Teaching Assistant
LMO Luke Mogaji Inclusion Graduate Teaching Assistant
SOR Stephanie Orozco Inclusion Graduate Teaching Assistant 
RSW Rachel Sweetman Inclusion Graduate Teaching Asistant
NME Neil Mehta Inclusion Graduate Teaching Assistant
JSA Jessica San Administration Reception & Administration
CCO Chloe Conces Administration Executive Assistant 
RSH Rita Shah Administration Senior Finance Officer
ABE Alison Bell Administration Senior Administrator & Attendance Officer
MPI Marta Pietruszka Data  Data & Examinations Manager
RMA Rao Mohan Matta Kitchen Head Chef
GKO George Konstantinopolsky Kitchen Cook
MTO Maria Toomey Kitchen Cook
SGI Simon Gibson Kitchen Cook
SSH Shanthine Sivabalan Kitchen Catering Assistant
MPA Maria Panayi Kitchen Midday Meals Supervisor
AJU Anthony Jury Premises Premises Manager
RST Robert Stevenson Premises Premises Assistant
AGR Andrew Grace Premises Premises Assistant
TME Tahera Merali Finance Regional Finance Manager
KDA Kadriye Dag IT Onsite IT Technician
LMC Louise McKensie IT Onsite IT Technician


If you would like to contact a teacher please speak to the school office on 020 3787 4090 or email us at info@arkpioneer.org.