We are delighted to have re-opened Ark Pioneer Academy this September. 

Our number one priority is to ensure that our school is as safe as possible for everyone in our community. We have studied government guidance and planned adjustments to our provision carefully. We know we are very lucky in our position as a brand new school with only two out of seven year groups present, and a fantastic new building.

Here are some of the key changes we have made:

  • Year 7 and year 8 pupils have lessons in different zones in the school. They enter and leave school via separate entrances have separate zoned bathrooms for use through the day.
  • Pupils study in one teaching group, which is effectively their ‘bubble’. They have an assigned homeroom and a tutor, who is each parent/carer's link Ark Pioneer.
  • Pupils are seated at separate desks in homerooms. They have their own assigned equipment for use in class.
  • Teachers maintain a distance of 2m from all pupils.
  • We use subject specialist areas at specific times for science, drama, music, PE, art and design technology ensuring there is rigorous cleaning in between.
  • Year 7 and 8 have staggered, separate break and lunch times. Pupils eat break and lunch in their teaching group/bubble.
  • When pupils are outside, they mix with friends outside their bubble, but at an appropriate physical distance. We have taught pupils exactly what this looks like and we will have regular reminders through the term.
  • We are offering a virtual enrichment programme for our pupils this autumn term, which will include HIIT, dance and cooking to name a few. 
  • We recommend pupils and staff wear face coverings in communal spaces.

We continue to have high expectations for all of our pupils as we work together to achieve our ambitious vision for every child. We're proud to share that all of our pupils have made a great start to the year and we are confident this wll continue.